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April 22 2017

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William S. Burroughs. Photo collage on glass.

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By  Julia Feige

Rain of Leaves

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Halina Poświatowska

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Tom Waits
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I want to sit in the grass with you and stick little flowers in your hair

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American Soldier kissing his girlfriend, 1946

Ralph Morse

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czasem mam lat cztery
a czasem cztery tysiące
— staff
Bądź lekka w tańcu, lecz nigdy w życiu. Śmiej się wśród ludzi, płacz tylko w ukryciu.
— kartka z pamiętnika, 1952
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manipulated:  Egon Schiele - Les amants 1909

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John Marsden, Darkness Be My Friend

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Jessica Lange photographed by Antonio Lopez, 1975.

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